A message from the CEO

Some words from Laurent Chrétien

Laurent Chrétien, directeur de Laval Virtual

Laurent Chrétien


A message from the CEO

For 22 years, our knowledge has been building virtual worlds

IIn April 2020, after 22 years of existence, Laval Virtual passed its absolute majority. In a period of lockdown following the global COVID-19 pandemic, we were not able to physically bring together all the world’s experts in virtual reality and augmented reality.


But it was in “agile” mode that we took up the challenge and achieved an unprecedented achievement: to be the first organization in the world to gather -the very essence of our missions- the international VR/AR community within the Laval Virtual World: a success with visitors from 110 countries: a record!


For 22 years we have been doing everything we can to inspire those who enable the advancement of VR/AR knowledge, but also the teamwork within the Laval Virtual Center, the scientific excellence and innovation experts through our constantly updated network of labs and through our links with CLARTE and the Arts et Métiers within our ecosystem. We promote innovation and the transfer, the diffusion of the VR/AR culture as a vector for the acceleration of immersive technologies.

“This year 2020 is an opportunity
to address all audiences.”

This year 2020 is an opportunity to address all audiences. To the actors of the VR/AR community that we animate thanks to our Community Relations team and the events and conferences in Laval, Amsterdam, Qingdao and now in the virtual worlds. To our teams who work on a daily basis to support companies who want to move forward. To our partners, companies, other VR/AR associations, academic or institutional, in France and abroad, with whom we share growing uses of VR/AR on a daily basis. To the world of education, teachers and students who have had to “learn to relearn” because of the distance. To the political decision-makers, whose responsibility it is to defend France’s place and rank in the field of VR/AR.

Many events and gatherings will develop through the regular points that are the Laval Virtual Days, within the “Laval Virtual World”, the “Mayenne World” or now the “Laval Virtual Congress Center” for companies that have understood that the world has changed. Over the past 22 years, immersive technologies have begun to transform our lives. The expectations they raise are still immense, which is why we put the necessary means to stay one step ahead and share it with you: “all our efforts are directed towards a better knowledge of the new virtual worlds”. Since its creation, Laval Virtual has been at the forefront of the major changes in the virtual world and will continue to do so.

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