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A major VR/AR association

Laval Virtual is a major and historical association in the field of immersive technologies: virtual, augmented and mixed reality. Its collaborators, networks of exeperts and partners are dedicated to enabling professionnals to gather at international exhibitions, attend leading conferences and take part in vertical days. The Laval Virtual association animates the community of all those who make and use VR/AR in the world. It develops tools to allow this community to become more professionnal, to improve, to exchange and to grow.

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Since 1999, Laval Virtual gathers companies, developpers, associations, trade unions, researchers, CTOs, business experts and specialised press dedicated to VR/AR. From Laval in Mayenne, we animate the international community and help 10,000 people to meet every year. Laval Virtual organises VR/AR exhibitions all around the world: France, Amsterdam, China. 


What are the latest VR/AR uses in the medical sector? What are the latest technologies used in the automotive industry? What is the latest version of this virtual reality training content? What is the resolution of the best VR headsets? You have the questions, we have as many sources of inspiration through our physical and virtual events, but also our intelligence services.


Throughout the year, Laval Virtual valorizes innovative projects and promotes them to the eyes of professionnals around the world. During the annual exhibition, VR/AR solutions are rewarded at the Laval Virtual Awards ceremony. But Laval Virtual is, above all, an international VR/AR community, which the association strives to animate with new impulses, such as recently the Laval Virtual World.