Our values

At the heart of our DNA

Five strong values

Innovation, Respect for Others, Pioneering Spirit, the Strength of Solidarity and a Taste for Performance symbolize, along with our story, the part of Laval Virtual's identity that is shared by all. Everyday, these values guide our actions and our relationships with our partners and the VR/AR community. These values represent the pillars on which we rely to achieve our collective ambition: to be and remain the international reference in virtual, augmented and mixed reality.


Innovation is at the heart of the Laval Virtual association’s positioning. Having created the first international exhibition related to VR/AR, we must never let our guard down so that at Laval Virtual we can find new experiences. Innovation is also the sine qua non of its durability: a technological association that is not innovative and that is not at the heart of trends is not a sustainable business. For us, innovation is a priority value.

Respect of Others

Respect for others means placing the human being at the heart of this associative project. Laval Virtual gives concrete expression to this value on a daily basis through the quality of our “living together” and our ability to listen to others; through our absolute respect for Human Rights; through the pursuit of unfailing integrity; through the value of diversity; through the attention we pay to dialogue within our association.

Pioneering Spirit

The pioneering spirit characterizes the birth of Laval Virtual. It is thanks to this pioneering spirit that the association has built itself in front of international megacities, and has been able to develop strong positions to become one of the world’s leading VR/AR exhibitions. This spirit drives us every day to be curious, to innovate, to adapt and to know how to act in the face of adversity.

Strenght of Solidarity

The strength of solidarity characterizes the way we interact. It translates into a team spirit that allows us to face the unknown together, with confidence. At Laval Virtual, we like to place friendliness and “family spirit” at the heart of our organization.

Taste for Performance

The taste for agility and performance reflects the way we work. Our level of requirements is high: we strive to do well to exceed our objectives. It is thanks to this culture of performance agility, combined with our high level of expertise, that we have become a leader in VR/AR.

“Combined, our values are our strength and our difference. They are the levers on which we must rely to move towards our ambition to be and remain the international reference in virtual, augmented and mixed reality.” 

– Laurent Chrétien, CEO
Our commitments

To remain the reference VR/AR association

The VR/AR business sector faces three main challenges: to satisfy the growing needs of a growing population of professionals for information on the uses of immersive technologies and to enable them to meet in the best possible conditions, to help limit climate change and to help our employees reinvent the relationship with their customers.

Because our ambition is to be and remain the reference association in the field of VR/AR/XR, we are committed to providing concrete solutions.

Our challenges

For the next years

Satisfying the information and knowledge needs of more and more users in terms of immersive technologies, contributing to limiting global warming through innovative uses such as virtual worlds, adapting to new meeting methods and to the changing expectations of exhibitors: these are the challenges that a pioneering association like Laval Virtual must meet in the coming years.

Providing solutions to meet, being available to share knowledge and animate an international community: these are the challenges we are taking up.