Group Agility and Creativity

Facilitate the creation of your projects

Group Agility and Creativity

Laval Virtual helps you build your VR/AR projects

At Laval Virtual, we are offering our work method in order to facilitate the creation of your projects through group works and creativity sessions. They can take place in the Laval Virtual Center or directly at your companys offices.

Laval Virtual, catalyst and facilitator for your VR/AR projects


The Business Intelligence team of Laval Virtual masters the facilitation methods: a relational art based on groups interactions. Creating a relational benevolent, positive and warm environment: that’s the first step of the process.


Thanks to creativity techniques, we train groups during a day to produce advanced bills of specifications which will then led to adapted developments and choices of existing solutions.

Do you have a VR/AR project in mind? We can help you defining it!

An expertise and a strenght

Facilitating the emergence of new ideas

During these sessions, the Laval Virtual team can help you discover relevant applications in a particular sector by testing solutions within our showroom. Its also an opportunity to meet companies from the VR/AR ecosystem.