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Every quarter, Laval Virtual publishes a thematic magazine to allow those who experiment VR/AR on a daily basis to give testimonials on the uses they make of immersive technologies. After an international call for contributions, the Business Intelligence team collects all the testimonials and brings its own expertise by spotting use cases and current research subjects.

What to expect in Laval Virtual magazines?

VR/AR use cases spotted by Laval Virtual's Business Intelligence team

Figures on VR/AR market trends

Contributions written by international VR/AR experts

Technical advice about VR/AR hardware and headsets

4 sectoral VR/AR magazines already published

Magazine VR/AR de Laval Virtual sur l'automobile


This first edition dedicated to automotive and transports gathers VR/AR use cases by brands, manufacturers, big corporations specialized in cars. Conception, design, sales, collaborative projects, autonomous cars… Immersive technologies are at the heart of the automotive industry.

Magazine VR/AR de Laval Virtual sur l'architecture et l'immobilier


This second edition is dedicated to the promising sectors of architecture, engineering, construction and real estate. It highlights the VR/AR use for designing real estate projects, building construction, visiting appartments and houses, decorating.

Magazine VR/AR de Laval Virtual pour le retail, la vente et les marques


This third edition is aimed at brands and the retail sector. How are brands embracing immersive technologies? What are the uses of VR/AR for retail, sales and marketing? How is VR/AR transforming the way we consume?

Health, medicine, well-being

VR/AR Magazine about health

An edition dedicated to VR/AR in healthcare, including well-being, handicap and medicine. How can immersive technologies help train future health professionals? How is VR used to prevent cancer? How does AR assist neurosurgeons?

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These unique editions are printed in a premium version. True collections of VR/AR by sector, they are 128 pages long and very popular with users.

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