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Laval Virtual’s VR/AR news feeds are a selection of articles that keep you informed of the latest VR/AR news of the week, each in a different industry. The access to the news feeds is free. Select up to 3 VR/AR news feeds according to your interests.

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Verticals: Food Industry / Agriculture – High-tech / IT – Aeronautics / Aerospace Industry – Automotive Industry / Transportation – Healthcare / Medicine / Pharmaceutical Industry – Construction Industry – Smart Cities, Real Estate & Architecture – Art & Heritage – Education / Educational Sciences – Sports – Smart Industry

Uses: Sales / Retail / Merchandising – Training / Human Resources / Practice


"Thanks to Laval Virtual's letter, we identify the most useful content and innovations in terms of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for the training of our students."

Alain Durocher Professor - Faculté d’Ingénierie et Management de la Santé (ILIS), Université de Lille

"These newsfeeds help our business a lot, enabling a better understanding of the trend of current VR/AR industries, especially the applications in the aeronautics and aerospace. We now enjoy a greater view of this industry on the international stage."

Wei Zhu CEO, Avic Vision

"Because the AEC industry is undergoing a major transformation and the VR and AR are gradually being deployed in the field, I appreciate reading Laval Virtual's news feeds for the Architecture, Construction and Real Estate sectors. It's a real time saver for us not to miss the most important items."

Mehdi HAFSIA BOUYGUES Construction

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