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Inspire, co-design and support our clients towards a successful integration of immersive technologies

Technologies never stop.

In a changing world, the “virtual” is becoming stable and exploitable. The ultra-fast evolution of technology is leading us all to review our organizational models. In this context, Laval Virtual Consulting continuously collects and analyzes the evolutions of immersive technologies and their uses to help you sucessfully integrate them into your activities. 

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Interested in integrating immersive technologies into your business activities in an informed and relevant way?

Laval Virtual Consulting support you and your projects, from the definition of your need to the co-design of XR uses!

A targeted, tailor-made and well adapted support based on your needs, priorities and capabilities

Technology watch

➞ Technological watch;

➞ Sharing  of XR knowledge and information;


➞ Identification and connection with relevant suppliers;

➞ Facilitation of your exchanges with suppliers (as an outsourced XR expert);

➞ Testing of XR hardware and solutions in our showroom;


➞ Definition and framework of your needs;

➞ Assistance for the drafting of your project briefs;

➞ Project management assistance;

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