Events operation service

Facilitator and organizer

Two spaces for your events

Laval Virtual offers its know-how as an organizer with two spaces for your events: the Laval Virtual Center and the Laval Virtual Congress. One real, the other virtual, these two locations are available for rent to set up conferences, meetings, exhibitions, seminars, but also networking evenings.

A virtual world for your events

Laval Virtual Congress

After launching in record time the Laval Virtual World, the first virtual world to host the annual exhibition, Laval Virtual responds to the growing demand from businesses and organizations to meet in a different way.

Offer a unique experience

Innovative events

The world has changed: restriction of groups during employee travel, democratization of new means of meetings, appetite for remote work, Laval Virtual has the solution to allow you to meet from 10 to 10,000 people, without the need to travel.

Whether you are an SME, a school, a community or a large group, Laval Virtual helps you organize efficient and interactive meetings.

A 100% virtual world

Real opportunities

The Laval Virtual Congress solution developed by Laval Virtual and VirBELA offers the possibility to access a dedicated universe. After creating your own avatar, you can do almost anything in this environment: prepare a meeting, present products to prospects, give classes, organize conferences, show virtual offices or invite prospects to a 100% virtual exhibition space. Visitors and collaborators access this virtual world on a computer and even in a virtual reality headset.

Discover the spaces of the Laval Virtual World

Hub of virtual reality

Laval Virtual Center

In an avant-garde environment, Laval Virtual offers to organize corporate events. Several rooms and common areas are available for your corporate seminars, congresses, creativity sessions, press conferences, parties, meetings.