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Discover our environments and virtual spaces, adapted to your professional events. As close as possible to the real world to facilitate your meetings and valorize remote collaboration.

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Available on PC / Mac / VR headset (beta version)

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Organisez vos événements virtuels : salons et foires

Trade shows and fairs

Connect your exhibitors and visitors through an memorable networking experience. Exhibition set-ups close to real life and easy interactions.

Organisez vos événements virtuels : conférences et plénières

Conferences and plenary sessions

Boost your conferences and your public presentations. Involve your entire network and share information in a different way.

Organisez vos événements virtuels : séminaires


Break the routine of Zoom seminars and classic webinars. Go for original interactions and impactful presentations.

Organisez vos événements virtuels : ateliers et workshops


Offer your team a brand new experience with reinvented work sessions, while maintaining a strong sense of unity and engagement.

Organisez vos événements virtuels : rencontres conviviales

Convivial meetings

Stay in touch with your employees, partners and clients. Incite exchanges in a friendly setting and focus on serendipity!

Organisez vos événements virtuels : rentrées scolaires et journées portes ouvertes

Open days and Back-to-School events

Reinvent the format of your school events by engaging your students with immersive, fun and innovative learning tools.

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From the definition of your project to the D-day, our teams will help you organizing your virtual and hybrid events. We believe in the impact of virtualisation on events! We offer sustainable and innovative alternatives for all the professionals.

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