Laval Virtual World

A virtual world

Laval Virtual World

The Laval Virtual World is a virtual world born in 2020 and intended to pursue the mission of Laval Virtual Association: gather, inspire, valorize. The Laval Virtual World was the virtual place where took place conferences, th Awards ceremony, business meetings and the art and virtual reality festival Recto VRso. Today, it's a federating place for the international VR/AR community.

International pavilions

During international exhibitions, companiers group together under the same flag in the colours of their country. A way for a region, a country, a continent or a geographical alliance to valorize a national expertise and high-technology products.

In 2020, Latin America and more specifically Colombia, chose to come to Laval Virtual as a delegation under a “LatAm” pavilion. The companies of this pavilion could present their VR/AR innovations to the visitors of the Laval Virtual World from 110 countries. Go to the LatAM pavilion to meet the VR/AR experts of Latin America.

Within the Laval Virtual World, several areas bring together professionals from many sectors of activity who use VR/AR. These vertical areas allow you to find out more about VR/AR applications, for example in the medical sector: training of interns, well-being, rehabilitation, teaching, equipment. These places offer an exceptional time saving and allow networking moments by meeting directly start-ups and companies expert in VR/AR which have an offer adapted to a sector.

Cinema is above all an art that allows an idea or concept to become active. In the Laval Virtual World, we have imagined an Immersive Theater. This space is dedicated to content creators and producers and to artists to show theur 360 animation or project. Laval Virtual and its partners will participate in the curation of the contents by involving their network of artists and film directors. Within the immersive theater, you can attend 360 screenings and programs all year long.

The Masterclasses are organised in the form a conference where the speaker shares his or her experience or mastery of a subject, and offers participants to exchange about it. In the Laval Virtual World, VR/AR Masterclasses are given by VR/AR experts, and cover a wide range of topics on immersive technologies. They represent an advanced class around a specialty, so they are aimed at those who want to know more about VR/AR.

The Laval Virtual World Meetups offers you the possibility to meet experts and passionate people from around the world to discuss a topic. These meetups allow to share a know-how, to exchange on a speciality with other people coming from various countries, to test a new form a virtual meeting, and to create business opportunities that can lead to the realization of projects.

Get access to all areas of the Laval Virtual World

Exhibit your latest products and uses


The Laval Virtual World offers a virtual showroom, an area open to all the VR/AR suppliers community to exhibit and present its latest innovations. By coming near the demo area of a company, avatars can discover a video of the latest use case or an explanatory note, and will have access to the contact details with which they will be able to contact the company and book a business meeting to talk more about the products.

Virtual library


With its virtual library, Laval Virtual offers the possibility to all the authors to gather reference works in one place so that they can be consulted by the international VR/AR community. As an author or reader, it’s an aopporunity to contribute and have access to high quality content on immersive technologies, and to organize book presentations in order to promote and distribute your productions.