Laval Virtual World — a world tailored to your needs

A virtual world

Fostering the VR/AR global community

The Laval Virtual World is an immersive environment designed to host and animate the global VR/AR Community throughout the year. Easy to use and with a simple design, the Laval Virtual World can be accessed and enjoyed either with a computer or a VR headset! By embodying their own personalized avatar, members can interact with each other, conduct business meetings, attend conferences and more! This ground-breaking international hub provides quality solutions tailored to the Community needs and aims to become the permanent meeting place for every professional in the immersive technology industry.

What’s in it for you?

Animation Program

A community animation program including conferences and networking events organized by Laval Virtual and its partners.

Permanent Showrooms

20 virtual showrooms to highlight the most cutting-edge innovations in each of the verticals curated by our expert team!

Tailored Spaces

Many different spaces highly customizable to host your own immersive technology events and conferences!

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Focus on the Laval Virtual World areas

Laval Virtual offers to the XR community, immersive virtual spaces for events, learning, and work…

➔  From Boardrooms environments, ideally suited for small gatherings to Conference Halls with expandable seating for massive events

➔  From Concert Venues for networking parties to the Beach for casual mingling

➔  From Classrooms for interactive distance learning courses to Masterclasses for enhanced collaboration during group work

Each of the Laval Virtual World space has been thoughtfully designed to meet the various needs of its Community, including:

✔ Helping XR businesses & organizations thrive
✔ Promoting interaction between teachers, students & XR professionals
✔ Hosting immersive events engaging the audience from anywhere in the world

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