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Laval Virtual’s conferences bring together technology experts and industry leaders. They highlight the most recent technological innovations and trends that are defining the future in the field of virtual reality and augmented reality. With a BtoB orientation, Laval Virtual’s conferences are for all those who wish to better understand and master virtual reality and immersive technologies, integrate them into their value chain or anticipate their evolution.

3 days of conferences

200 international speakers every year

Close to 200 speakers give talks each year at Laval Virtual to highlight VR/AR trends and perspectives. Three days of conferences segmented into three cycles on sectoral, cross-cutting themes and prospective visions.

Thematic and transversal cycles

Tech Talks, Start-ups Pitches, Art & VR...

Laval Virtual’s conferences are also Tech Talks to learn from professionals, startup pitches to discover new talents and conferences dedicated to digital art, as part of the Recto VRso festival.

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Microsoft, Magic Leap, Tesla Suit, Nasa, Renault, Samsung, VR Voice, Bouygues, Dassault Système, Epic Games, French Red Cross, Intel, HP, Safran, Trimble, Sopra Steria, Ubisoft, Unity, Hololens, Thalès, some of the players who, for the time of a exhibition, have entrusted us with their experts to help the community grow.