XR Community — Beyond our professions, a same passion

Towards a Global Community

Shaping the Future of Human Experience

As passionate ambassadors for new immersive technologies and innovative VR/AR organizations, we, at Laval Virtual, have one conviction: XR will shape the future of human experience.
Building on this belief, we have set ourselves an ambitious aim: empowering the VR/AR Community to change the world in which we all live by:
► Gathering the right people to spark positive and meaningful impacts.
► Inspiring today’s innovators to become tomorrow’s leaders.
► Valorizing innovations that will benefit humanity.

where the XR world


For this purpose, we are developing tools to which we guarantee free access to all members of the XR Community. Combined together, these tools will help establish a strong network of VR/AR actors and shine a spotlight on a vibrant industry. One that is continuously evolving and helping lead growth across the World: the XR industry.

Designed to host and animate the VR/AR community throughout the year, the Laval Virtual World is:

An immersive international hub

A seedbed for VR/AR innovations

A permanent virtual environment

Developed to feature a curated community of XR actors and enable sharing of knowledge, the Portal allows you to:

Introduce yourself to the community

Showcase your organization

Stay Tuned to the XR World latest news

You’re not sure whether you are part of the Community? Rest assured…

As long as…

You are working in  – You are working with – You are passionate about –

VR, AR and any other related area of expertise,

You belong here!