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Technology increases our emotions

Since 2017 and the creation of the art and virtual reality festival Recto VRso, art has been brought within Laval Virtual. A universe that mixes performance art, danse, physical and virtual. All year long, the artistic team of the association strives to highlight artists and artworks with exhibitions, awards, art residency and conferences.

Art and virtual reality festival

In 2017, driven by the artist and researcher Judith Guez, the art and virtual reality festival of Recto VRso was created alongside the Laval Virtual exhibition. Today, with sixty artworks and almost 100 artists, the festival has made a name for itself in the innovative world of art and VR. in 2020, the project has taken a new step by creating an exhibition from scratch in a virtual gallery

Art residencies

Alongside the Recto VRso Festival, the team accompanies artists in the process of creation. Places of art residencies in the city of Laval are dedicated to them, so that they can create original works. Unique and inspiring locations such as the Bateau-Lavoir and the Bain Douches, in which works of art are being born in situ, during the Laval Virtual exhibition.


In order to highlight all the actions carried out by the artistic team, as well as the artists and the artworks, Recto VRso relocates elsewhere in France and in the world. Art exhibitions and conferences took place in Nantes (Stereolux), Vancouver, Hambourg (VHRAM Festival), Austria (Ars Electronica)… This partner events promote Recto VRso internationally.

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